Solidarity Dinners with RAMSI

Every day we have to eat. It’s vital for our bodies to survive. But food does not only nourish the body, it can feed the soul. Life’s milestones are marked with food – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and celebrations, food is present even in times of upset to bring comfort. It brings people together all around the world. Our food identity is intertwined in our personal identity which began in early childhood, following right through to adulthood. From foods eaten in our kitchen at home, to food eat in restaurants, what to serve to different friends and family for different occasions, all these memories are collected along our journey through life. It is vital that migrants and refugees have the means to use their foods to retain their cultural identity. Throughout history, as people moved so did their food practise and choices. Not all foods are available in every country but old recipes can be recreated with new ingredients, experimenting, because people and food are mobile, things that migrants and refugees can bring with them are their recipes and cultural identity. The act of preparing food and eating together is not just about consuming the food but talking, sharing, discussing, learning, remembering and connecting with each other. I really love the idea of these solidarity dinners that RAMSI (Refugee and Migrant Society Ireland) RAMSI host and I encourage everyone please get involved any way they can to help. Check out RAMSI facebook page for more information Also the Irish Times have a very good piece today on people living in direct provision in Ireland and well worth a read here

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