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Tahini and Lemon Sauce

Can this sauce tick any more boxes? Vegan, Gluten and Dairy Free!! AND super easy to prepare…Oh….wait…. I forgot to mention utterly delicious?? This sauce balances rich nutty tahini against tart lemon and fresh parsley – a combination found all over the Middle East. Enjoy with vegetables, meats, fish, falafel, and salads. It’s so versatile – it’s definitely worth a try this weekend.


2 cloves of garlic

1 tsp of sea salt

100g of tahini

100ml of  lemon juice

25mls – 75mls of ice cold water

2 tbsps of chopped parsley


Using a pestle and mortar, pound the garlic and salt. Add the tahini to a mixing bowl. Whisk in the garlic-salt combination. Add the lemon juice slowly and mix well.  Now whisk the water gradually and beat very well until you have achieved the desired consistency. The less water added, the thinner the sauce. Stir in the parsley, pour into a serving dish and serve. Refrigerate any leftovers and this can be kept in the fridge for up to a week. This will need to be stirred once again before serving.

2 thoughts on “Tahini and Lemon Sauce

  1. This dressing / sauce is simply delicious.Minimal ingredients,easy to make as whizzed up in processer and so versatile.I made it to accompany a ras el hanot chicken dish with roasted courgette and celery and I snacked on raw celery with this as a dip.Great receipe Mitzi.

  2. Oh so tasty and simple. I shared Mitzi recepies with my culinary challenged vegan sis and what a difference it has made. She is forever grateful Mitzi

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